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Build Your Page Layout on Elementor

Learn How To Create an AMAZING Wordpress Website! Master Wordpress and Elementor Page Builder!

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Dibuat oleh Elementor Website Builder for Wordpress Terakhir diperbarui 30 Sep 2020 English
Apa yang akan saya pelajari?
  • Create MODERN Style Websites
  • Create Your Own Website From Scratch
  • MASTER The Elementor Page Builder

Konten kursus
15 Materi 10:00:30 Jam
Tutorial Elementor #1
3 Materi 01:40:00 Jam
  • Build Your Page Layout on Elementor 00:25:00
  • Hover Animations to Your WordPress Website 00:40:00
  • How to Install Elementor Page Builder for WordPress 00:35:00
  • Add Drop Shadow Effects to Your WordPress Website 00:30:00
  • How to Add Entrance Animations to Your WordPress 00:30:00
  • How to Use the Template Library With the Elementor 00:55:00
  • Style Options for Sections and Columns 01:00:00
  • RespoPadding, Margin, nsive and Other Settings 00:50:00
  • Use Page Settings to Control Useful WordPress Settings 00:45:30
  • How to Put Maintenance Mode on WordPress 00:25:00
  • How to Create a WordPress Website for Beginners 00:55:00
  • How to Install Elementor 2018 00:35:00
  • How to Use Inline Positioning in Elementor 00:30:00
  • Building Your First Pages 00:30:00
  • How to Make Your Website Responsive 00:55:00
  • Computer
  • Network
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Why Take This AMAZING Course?

  • Highest Rated Instructor Here On Udemy For Wordpress Lessons

  • Master WORDPRESS and Elementor Page Builder. Complete Beginners Guide

  • Use and MASTER The Elementor Page Builder for FREE

  • I Am A TOP RATED INSTRUCTOR on Udemy. Find out Why!!

  • Get a Modern And Amazing Look For Your Website That Will Impress!

  • Learn From A Professional Who Creates Websites For a Living with over 30,000 Monthly Visits!

  • THE MOST UPDATE AND MODERN TUTORIAL. Dont Settle For Outdated Content!

  • Get A fully Responsive Website And Mobile Responsive

Unlike Other Lectures. I Cover Everything. Dont be left in the dark with other lectures that are only one hour long. I help my students and make sure they are 100% informed on all wordpress features. This lecture is very detailed and will make you fully understand how you can create your wordpress website from scratch as a beginner. 

What Will I Learn From This Course?

  • Setting up your domain and hosting

  • Create Modern,beautiful, and STUNNING Websites!

  • Create Pages With Elementor and Wordpress

  • Create Pre-Made layouts for clients

  • Master The Elementor Page Builder and even start your own business!

  • Master The #1 FREE Page Builder - Elementor


  • Master Wordpress. Create Your Own Website Simply And Easily.

Untuk siapa kursus ini:

  • Anyone. This Course is for anyone with a desire to learn
  • Anyone Who Wants To Start Their Own Website
  • Anyone Who Wants To MASTER Wordpress And Elementor Page Builder
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